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K Dcan Driver For Mac

For most of these operating systems two types of driver are available: Virtual COM Port (VCP) drivers and direct (D2XX) drivers. The VCP driver emulates a standard PC serial port such that the USB device may be communicated with as a standard RS232 device. The D2XX driver allows direct access to a USB device via a DLL interface.

K Dcan Driver For Mac


To locate the drivers you want to install for a device, select which of the driver types you wish to use (VCP or D2XX) and then locate the appropriate operating systems. With the exception of Windows 98 and Windows ME, all devices are supported in each driver package.

Next, we need to configure our INPA K+DCAN cable, go to the device manager. Open the Ports tab (COM and LTP) Select USB Serial port (COM3) go to properties, advanced parameters and change COM3 to COM1 and response time (ms) to 1. You may need to install the driver, then unzip the archive with the driver to any convenient place, in the port settings, click update driver and specify the path to the folder.

I will be moving from PC to Mac, but will need to run a Windows application that uses a serial port, using boot camp. Would I be right in thinking I would need to install this adapter under Windows using a Windows driver?

Prolific seem to be deliberately isolating compatibility against these devices in the newest Windows drivers, and wondered if thats the same with the mac drivers. Its just not worth wasting time putting in drivers to have to fight them out again when prolific deliberately make them to not work.

I followed the instructions, and got the driver to show in system report, but never in the network control panel. ZTerm worked, showing me that the driver works (and helped as a step), but minicom is the best app for the job- easy to configure, and remotely accessible with terminal. Great site- thanks for the help!

The Problem is OSX10.11 does not allow unsigned kext to be loaded except for a workaround i described to andrius (either its the post down or up to this one) The driver itself is fine and i am using it on 10.11. The problem is the unsigned state. What you guys would have to do to make it work again is to sign the KEXT with apple and provide it in a signed state. Thats all.

By the way. This method works with any unsigned driver!!! If you have a non working USB device check the /System/Library/Extensions path for a .kext file with the name of your device. if you find it there and your device is not working you can be sure its a signature problem. just use the commands i described above and change the filename of the .kext to the filename you need.

Hi Doug,If you have the Plugable adapter, the latest driver for OS X is properly signed and there is no need to turn off SIP in order to install it. If you are having problems getting it installed, please contact us at and we can help.

David, thanks for the response, I should start at the beginning, I have an older Cables 2 Go USB2Serial cable and my research indicated that the driver I needed was this one. It works on a windows PC but since I use a MAC most of the time I was trying to get it to work. However, I have since ordered a plugable adapter and I think it should be here today and I am sure that will solve my problem. I will keep you posted.

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We were unable to find drivers for your product. Try manually selecting your operating system. If your operating system is not listed then HP may not provide driver support for your product with that operating system.

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