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Movie One Magic Christmas

The family visits Jack's grandfather Caleb (Arthur Hill), who gives Abbie a snow globe of the North Pole. Gideon visits Abbie again and warns her that some bad things are going to happen, but she should not be afraid. He "accidentally" drops and shatters her snow globe, then magically restores it. Ginnie and Jack discuss their finances where Ginnie tells Jack he should find a new job instead of opening the bike shop. Frustrated, he leaves the house to go for a walk. She goes after him and meets Gideon. All the Christmas lights on the street around her turn off.

movie one magic christmas


One Magic Christmas has a 47% score on Rotten Tomatoes from 17 critics.[5] Roger Ebert gave the film two stars out of four, saying, "This is very unfortunate. What we have here is a movie with an intelligent screenplay, wonderful performances and skillful direction, but it is a tactical miscalculation from beginning to end."[8]

Parents need to know that One Magic Christmas, while ultimately a story of the importance of believing in the Christmas spirit, has many scenes that could be difficult for younger and more sensitive viewers. During a bank robbery, a father is shot and killed, and, in a later scene, the mother sits down her two children to explain to them that their father has passed away and will not be coming home. Also, these two children are kidnapped by the bank robber, who takes them on an extended car chase culminating in the vehicle spinning out of control, falling off a bridge, and causing the kids to nearly drown. These intense scenes are intended to make a mother who has lost all faith and love for Christmas believe again. Although it's doubtful that "believe in Christmas again, and nobody gets hurt!" was the intended message of the movie, this is the overall takeaway. Families looking for a cheerier holiday experience should look elsewhere.

Although this movie does its best to show the many difficulties families and individuals who are struggling financially face during the holidays, the dark moments are too dark, and the ending is a bit too neat and tidy, even by Hollywood standards.

How are the financial difficulties the Graingers face presented in the movie? How accurately does this reflect the realities of working families who have fallen on trying financial times during the holiday season?

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You know I love me the classic movies. I will pretty much watch any movie if it's in black and white and made before 1965. I especially love movies that were made in the 1930s and getting the chance to see them on an actual big screen instead of on a tv is a real treat. Every Saturday the International Museum of Art screens a classic film, but this weekend, I'm going to go see a movie that isn't in black and white, or made before 1965. I'm going to go see 'One Magic Christmas', a little known movie that was made in 1985.

The movie is about a family led by mom Ginny and dad Jack, who have fallen on hard financial times. Jack is unemployed, Ginny is embarrassed that she has had to go to work as a grocery store clerk, and their kids Cal and Abbie are feeling their parent's stress. Christmas is right around the corner and Santa, seeing how sad the family is, sends Gideon, a Christmas angel, to help Ginny find hope again.

I saw this movie once on tv a few years after it came out and I'm really glad I can see it again. It is sweet and sad and hopeful. And it will be a lot of fun to watch the mid-80s play out on the big screen again. You should see it. You'll be glad you did. IF you can't make it, you can always added to your come.

The movie is free and after the show, check out the Museum. It has a lot of interesting exhibits, and the architecture and furnishings are breathtaking. You can even enjoy the fantastically well-priced concessions. They have popcorn, soft drinks, and candy for a buck a piece so you can take someone with you and will probably only spend about $20 for the whole afternoon.

One Magic Christmas is a 1985 Christmas movie released by Walt Disney Pictures, starring Harry Dean Stanton and Mary Steenburgen. The other cast is Gany Basaraba, Elisabeth Harnois, Arthur Hill, Wayne Robson, Elias Koteas, Michelle Meyrink, Sarah Polley.The genre of this movie is family, drama, fantasy movie. The director is Phillip Borsos. 350c69d7ab

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