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[S2E5] Christina's Story

Sam Levinson began writing a show in 2006 based on his own experience with drugs as a teenager. When he was brought in to adapt the Israeli series Euphoria for HBO, he found the vehicle to infuse his own struggles with addiction and anxiety into the story. The first season of Euphoria premiered in 2019 and landed nine Emmy nominations, scoring three wins including Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for Zendaya. Season 2 ended February 27, with the series already gearing up for a third season.

[S2E5] Christina's Story


Jane goes to a book store in town and talks with the shop owner, Philip Raimey. Jane wants information about Beckworth and the store specializes in history. Raimey tells Jane he came to the right place.

Where have I seen Frances de la Tour before? The actress is known for roles in the likes of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The History Boys, and Rising Damp (as Miss Ruth Jones). Other projects have included Into The Woods (as Giant), Vicious, Outlander, and recently in the first Enola Holmes film (as the Dowager).

A 700-lb. man who has a family history of obesity vows to change his lifestyle to be eligible for a gastric-bypass procedure, and is determined not to die the way his father and sister did. If all goes well, he even hopes to date again.

In Sunday's episode, Christina finally learns the truth about the world, and comes to another startling realization -- she plays a role in maintaining it. It all starts with Teddy (we can officially call him Teddy now, Christina definitely says his name), who tells her the world is a lie. He convinces her to try and manipulate two humans sitting side by side in chairs, their heads buried in books. By "imagining their story differently," Christina gets them to start talking to each other. Then she reverses it, causing one of them to storm off. Later, Teddy warns her not to confide in anyone as "people you think you know, people at work, any one of them could be one of us."

After her confrontation with Emmett, Christina walks through a door and up to what looks like a 3D diagram of the city. White pins pop up on the map to indicate each narrative she's written, and they also seem to signify a real person in the city. Soon, the map fills with an overwhelming number of pins. It leads Christina to the realization that "this world is just a story," and she's the storyteller. Later, Christina asks Teddy if she's "writing everyone" in their world, and he nods.

Fresh off of multiple explosive conclusions, Shadow and Bone moves past the midpoint of its series into the beginning of a new series of rising action beats. The antagonist is stronger than ever, the heroes are spread out across the world, and multiple factions are finally coming together to save the day. This episode sets the stage for the level of the series' story.

Mark was taken off of life support after suffering injuries from the plane crash that killed Lexie. He and Lexie's death go hand-in-hand as what could be one of the saddest last goodbyes in "Grey's" history.

Christina had one of the most dramatic transformations in the history of the long-running series. She came on the show when she was 22 years old, after being confined to her house for two years. At first, the My 600-lb Life alum seemed to struggle with slimming down, but she pulled through and qualified for bariatric surgery to help her to lose weight. Christina divorced her husband, who was perceived as a My 600-lb Life enabler and slimmed down drastically to 183 pounds. During her My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? episode, she let viewers know she had received skin removal surgery. 041b061a72

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