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Obey Me! Episode 7 !!LINK!!

Mammon asks MC which idea they like the best, leading to each of the brothers asking MC about their different ideas, but Lucifer angrily cuts them off because he doesn't want them to put so much pressure on MC. The brothers ask what Lucifer thinks a good family trip would be, and he replies with the suggestion of a factory tour. Everyone agrees that is "the most boring idea yet," and the episode ends with the destination for their family trip still up in the air.

Obey Me! Episode 7

But like every episode, we see things take a turn for the better, and the status quo be set back to what it was in the beginning. Though the show overuses this formula, there is nothing bad with this approach. The anime is a guilty pleasure series for the audience, and the only problem is it kills the prospect of rewatching ability for the show. Still, the anime is filler for the game but fun for fans.

Aside from the praise for doing well, the next episode will have Lucifer return to take the helm. The crew is sure to remember their experience and even taunt him in the upcoming episode. But given how easygoing Belphegor is, he will laugh with everyone. Other than that, there is not much to say about the series, as each episode tends to be 7 minutes long. The few who like to binge animes might want to hold out till the end but watching anime as it airs is fun in itself.

I assume Angel left orders to keep their existence a secret from the Enterprise crew brought aboard the Serene Squall. That both Remy and Fran continue to obey those orders even as bonds of loyalty to each other begin to fray speaks to Angel's ability to command. 041b061a72

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