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At only 17, Seo-yeon had reason to believe that she was the target of a digital sex crime and that the man would publish the photo of her, asleep, on one of the many thousands of sites that publish illegal photographs and videos of women. Few institutions were available to assist Seo-yeon. No cameras, no government officials and no law enforcement agency offered much help, even though incidents and attacks like this were becoming more commonplace. Three months later, the intruder was arrested and sentenced, but because he was a teenager, he was released on probation without time served.

Digital entertainment culture is paramount for many teens and young adults in South Korea who extract social value and even their belief systems from idols on social media or television. In the last several years, this blurring of digital and physical existence preceded the suicide deaths of prominent K-pop figures like Goo Hara, Kim Jong-hyun and Jang Ja-yeon, all of whom died in their late twenties after being illicitly filmed in private or by partners during sexual acts. The videos were then distributed or streamed online.

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Natasha Liu Bordizzo first made a splash when she was cast in teen dystopian series The Society. Most recently, Natasha starred alongside Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith in the thrilling Voyeurs, and has scored a role in the upcoming Ahsoka.

We were pleased to see more ethnic diversity than ever before in GLBTQ books, with offerings such as After Tupac & D Foster and M+O 4evr (both African American); Love & Lies and Down to the Bone (both Cuban American), and Skim, a graphic novel about a biracial (Asian/white) teen. While still only a handful of titles, it seems like a deluge in an era when there are so few multicultural GLBTQ books for teens. Also heartening is the fact that of the five novels listed above, three are first novels by authors of color.

A welcome cousin of the board book is the picture book with sturdy cardboard pages that can hold up well to the pulling of eager young hands. They also allow for more creative bookmaking, with fold-out or lift-the-flap features. Several outstanding examples in 2008 included Dance with Me ; My Dog, My Cat, My Mama, and Me! ; and Round Like a Ball !

We know that there are editors and publishers who care deeply about ensuring a continual output of wonderful new books that reflect the lives of children and teenagers today, but we also know that their passion for publishing multicultural literature cannot always carry the day in meetings with bottom-line number crunchers wanting to know whether such books will sell. We hope that librarians, teachers, caregivers, parents, and others will use their purchasing power to help committed editors and publishers make a convincing argument.

At 9 o'clock on a Thursday evening, 8,000 teen-agers who have forsaken homework and jobs to gather in the Centrum Arena are waiting with cheerful impatience for a little action, a return on their $15 investment. Suddenly a huge banner unfurls: a $100 bill the width of the stage. But right where the staid oval portrait of Benjamin Franklin should be, the spotlight shines on a picture of a scruffy trio: the Beastie Boys, reigning kings of vulgarity and anarchy on the rock-music circuit.

The teen-agers cheer wildly, their faces bobbing in a sea of faded denim and blue Beastie Boys T-shirts ($16). Then the Boys themselves appear. ``Let yourself go,'' they chant, signaling that the tribal ceremony is under way at last.

Yet to many middle-class teen-agers, an evening like this serves as a harmless form of youthful escapism and comic relief, not a corruption of moral sensibilities. That $100 bill on the stage banner, in fact, may come closer to signaling the priorities represented here than all the talk about sex, drugs, and violence coming from the stage.

Still, many adults worry that this kind of influence is far from benign. As teen-age suicide, pregnancy, drinking, and drug abuse continue to make headlines, concern about how teens learn values and morals is assuming new urgency.

Interviews with teen-agers, parents, and educators in Florida, California, and Massachusetts reveal a shifting social climate and changing family structures that send mixed signals. And a report by Carnegie Corporation president David A. Hamburg, called ``Preparing for Life: The Critical Transition of Adolescence,'' finds ``an urgent need to improve our capabilities for dealing with adolescent problems.'' Americans, Dr. Hamburg charges, ``are failing to provide avenues for the affirmation of fundamental needs to large numbers of adolescents.'' Those ``fundamental needs'' include reliable relationships, self-esteem, and a sense of belonging.

This desire for good grades at any cost is one negative effect of an increasingly competitive society. As teen-agers talk about SAT scores, college applications, careers, and success, words like worry and fear become recurring themes.

``One of the values that concerns me is this terrible emphasis on money in our society,'' says Mrs. Winship. Noting that teen-agers watch an average of 21 hours of television a week, she adds, ``The settings on TV are always in extremely wealthy homes, and people are dressed much better than most families can hope to achieve. It contributes to a greedy atmosphere.''

``Our culture is in a swing right now, which I don't think is particularly helpful to the well-being of teen-agers,'' says Tom Cottle, host of the teen-age talk show ``Soapbox.'' ``Our culture has become painfully self-centered. Kids growing up in the '50s and '60s had a much larger sense of a world outside of them that they should attend to, whether it was Korea or Vietnam or civil rights.

And like their parents before them, teen-agers take their lives more seriously than they let themselves appear to.``No one should get the impression that America's teen-agers are all a bunch of sick, miserable kids,'' says Mr. Cottle. ``They are not. You see millions and millions of fabulous people who, whatever problems they are facing, are leading their lives in very honorable ways. They come from all kinds of families - rich, poor - and they're terrific, marvelous kids.''

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