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The Delphi/Kylix GIS components connect your application with a WMS or UMN map server.The map viewer component has all the basic functionality for viewing, navigating and querying maps.WMS (Web Map Service) is a specification of the Open GIS Consortium supported by many free and commercial web mapping servers.You can use maps from the numerous public WMS or UMN sites with native GUI elements - without browser.These components are written as portable CLX components and tested with Kylix 3 and Delphi 7.


  • Tables import and export using ImportTable and ExportTable methods.If you need to move data to EasyTable database from the database that can be accessed via BDE or ODBC,the better way is to useEasyTable DBTransfer utility,which are available with full source code and can be usedas an example to help you to implement import/export capabilities in your project.

  • If you need to move data to EasyTable database from CSV (coma-separated values) file,look at our CSVImport demo.

  • EasyTable supportsaddhrefblank(' _Overview_auto_1.htm', 'Borland Bold for Delphi');Borland Bold for Delphi: _Overview_auto_1.htmtechnology, special thanks toKonstantin Gribachev, the author of the book "Delphi and Model Driven Architecture".The easiest way to move your data using Borland Bold technology is to use hisaddhrefblank('', 'Bold Data Pump utility');Bold Data Pump utility: you can download EasyTable Bold Database Adapterwith full source code, a demo and an example of application with source code, too.

  • EasyTable ODBC Drivercan be used fordata import/export from/to ODBC data sources.It includes almost all the ODBC compatible functionality of the EasyTable.

  • If you need a help in your special data import/export case, pleaseaddaidaimmail('support','contact');contactour Support Team.if(navigator.appName == "Netscape") document.writeln("");else document.writeln("");if(navigator.appName == "Netscape") document.writeln("SQL support");else document.writeln("SQL support");SQL supportSQL supportHere is a full list of supported SQL statements in current version of EasyTable: SELECT [DISTINCT ALL] * column [AS correlation_name correlation_name], [column...] [INTO destination_table] FROM table_reference [AS correlation_name correlation_name] [Password 'password'][[[[NATURAL][INNER [LEFT RIGHT FULL] OUTER JOIN] table_reference [AS correlation_name correlation_name] [ON join_condition] USING (join columns)] [WHERE predicates] [GROUP BY group_list] [HAVING predicates] [ORDER BY order_list] [UNION [ALL] [CORRESPONDING [BY (column_list)]] SELECT...][EXCEPT MINUS [ALL] [CORRESPONDING [BY (column_list)]] SELECT...][INTERSECT [ALL] [CORRESPONDING [BY (column_list)]] SELECT...]



  • INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements

  • SQL scripts (multiple commands separated by ';')


  • Aggregate functions COUNT,SUM,MIN,MAX,AVG

  • Most of all SQL'92 arithmetic, logical, datetime and string expressions, functions and operators

  • Data types conversion function CAST

  • Parameters in queries

  • Uncorrelated subqueries

If you have any questions or would like to tell us what SQL feature you need first of all,please feel free toaddaidaimmail('support','contact');contactSupport Team.

I've noticed one problem, when I create portable version of Delphi 7, which is setup as Custom version. If I didn't install some components (like Microsoft Office components), then during portable version creation, I am getting the error that according file can not be found. But then each time when I start portable application, I am getting error that this file not found! Better to take into consideration that installation can be not full.

And, I have a question about installation of new components into portable version of Delphi. How should I install Indy 10 for ex.? Should I install it and only then create portable version?I've tried to install Indy 10 into Portable version, but after Delphi start all components disappear. Probably, program shouldn't delete settings from register after Delphi closure?

Have you considered Lazarus (an Open Source Delphi clone) which is linked in one of the forums? There have been several attempts at a portable version, with the most recent effort working extremely well. The earlier attempts may also be good, I just haven't tried them. Lazarus is not a perfect facsimile of Delphi, but it is very, very close to the real thing. IMHO, it is worth trying - you may find it does the job.

Kylix features CLX, a Linux version of Borland's VCL [Visual Component Library], which is (mostly) a component-based control library, not unlike Visual Basic or .NET's WinForms. Like other component-oriented libraries, CLX contains both visual components (such as buttons and panels) and non-visual components (such as timers). The IDE makes it easy to select components and place them on a form, editing properties and event handlers with an "Object Inspector".

Delphi's VCL is an object-oriented wrapper over raw Win32 controls, that maps Win32 messages and APIs to properties and events and is thus significantly easier to use than the raw API. As such, VCL is tightly bound to Windows, and Kylix's CLX is built on top of Trolltech's Qt library. CLX is not 100% compatible with VCL, and most Delphi programs require some effort to port to Kylix, even if they stick to the Borland libraries and avoid any direct OS calls. However, Qt is a portable library and, starting with Delphi 6, Borland provided CLX on Windows as well, providing a measure of back-portability.

Just Color Picker is portable software and therefore doesn't need to be installed or uninstalled. To start using Just Color Picker, simply download and run it: it is immediately ready for use, nothing is being installed, and this is why Just Color Picker doesn't appear in the list of installed software. To delete Just Color Picker from your computer, simply close it and delete the jcpicker.exe file with, if present, jcpicker.ini and jcpicker.txt files in the same folder.

Please note: some third-party websites wrap the original program files into their own installers, which may contain unwanted add-ons, annoying adware or even malicious code. Therefore, it is always wise to download Just Color Picker from rather than from any other site. Only downloading the program directly from the author's site can guarantee that you are getting the original, clean, portable application without any unwanted additions.

These Internet components give you everything you need to jumpstart your Internet development without any external dependencies. The suite of Internet Components contain over fifty components which are constantly refined and improved.

XN Resource Editor is a resource editor and PE module explorer. It works on RES, EXE and DLL files. It provides special support for Delphi programs by displaying all the modules that comprise a Delphi program, and letting you edit the properties of the components used on Delphi forms.XN Resource Editor Portable is a portable wrapper for XN Resource Editor.

c) Third Party Components. The software may include third party components with separate legal notices or governed by other agreements, as may be described in the ThirdPartyNotices file(s) accompanying the software.

GExperts 1.36 is now available for download for Delphi 6 through RAD Studio XE2. This release also fixes errors some people were seeing with the replace components tool in XE/XE2 and includes several other minor features and fixes as detailed in the Readme.txt file.

The average cost to install a portable generator is $400 to $1,300 without the generator itself. However, if you want to directly plug appliance into the generator and needed heavy-duty extension cords for it, some extra costs might incur. The cost factors are listed as follows:

In case of a power outage, the best, safest, and most convenient way to supply your home with electrical power is by installing a manual transfer switch for a generator. However, it needs to be installed well in advance of the outage. A manual transfer switch is the best choice for connecting a portable generator for backup power at home.

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