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Malayalam Full Movie Rangeela

Ottu is the film's title, but look carefully at the recent posters, and you'll see a confusing addition, 'Chapter Two'. The film's opening credits show the same, and it is bound to make people wonder if they missed 'Chapter One' in another movie that went by another name. Fret not, because 'Chapter One' is simply the event of which we get a few glimpses in 'Chapter Two' (a.k.a Ottu). These are vague flashbacks that explain the events leading up to Chapter Two. But such explanations are bothered with it only towards the end of the film, where we learn that some characters may not be who they say they are. As I said, Ottu has one good idea which gets diluted by all its dull ideas. The latter includes a brief cameo by an incomprehensible Jackie Shroff, who emerges out of the water wearing only briefs, in a possible nod to Rangeela. The rest of the film, which involves a long road trip where Kichu tries to jog David's memory, are uninspiring stretches filled mostly with tepid dialogues and bromance moments, not to mention the forced musical interludes that don't do much for the narrative. Sometimes the whole thing resembles a commercial for the Mercedez Benz they are riding in.

malayalam full movie Rangeela

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